What’s The Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Device

What's The Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Device

Feeling like a hairy Mary during isolation? In need of some permanent hair removal? There’s so many laser hair removal devices on the market, but what’s the best at home laser hair removal device for your skin type.

If your skin tone is light and your hair is dark, you’re in luck because most Laser/IPL devices will work on your skin type. But for those with darker skin, only a few devices will work effectively. Here’s my reviews of the best at home laser hair removal device for all skin types.

Laser Hair Removal saves you the time and money it will take to shave, wax, thread, tweeze or epilate the rest of your life. Perfect prep for that next beach holiday.


Best At Home Laser Hair Removal


1. Philips Lumea Prestige – For Most Skin Tones. Except Black Skin

2. Silk’n Infinity – For All Skin Tones


Things You Should Know

Fitzpatrick scale: A scale that’s used to classify skin complexion and types, determined by how people’s skin react to sunlight.


what's the best at home laser hair removal


Type. Features & Characteristics of Fitzpatrick skin types:

I – pale white skin | red or blond hair | blue eyes | freckles | always burns, never tans

II – white or fair skin | red or blond hair | blue, hazel, or green eyes | usually burns, tans with difficulty

III – cream white or fair skin | any eye or hair color | gradually tans, sometimes has a mild burn

IV – light brown skin | tans with ease, rarely burns

V – dark brown skin | tans very easily, very rarely burns

VI – deeply pigmented dark brown | tans very easily, never burns


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Similar to a laser treatment as it causes damage to the hair follicle to reduce hair growth, however it uses a scattered light with many wavelengths, making it a more unfocused energy. This is why it doesn’t work as well on dark skin, and it works best for dark hair on light skin.


Laser Hair Removal

This technology uses just one focused wavelength of light that works by destroying the hair follicle, preventing blood flow to the follicle and disrupting the hair growth. Most laser hair removal devices target melanin (dark pigment colors), so most work best for dark hair on light skin. But some work on Fitzpatrick skin type 6 too.


Laser Hair Removal at Home VS Professional

Professional laser treatments are more powerful than any home laser hair removal system hence why they are for professional use only.

They are also much more expensive with just one session costing over £100 for a small area like bikini line and over £500 for large areas like full legs.

Having only one session wouldn’t be very effective due to hair growth so at least 8 sessions are recommended which can cost over £3000 for large areas.




Philips Lumea Prestige


What's The Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Device


Price: Ranges from £325 to £800 (See UK & US Deals)🇺🇸🇬🇧

Where to buy: Amazon

Fluence (power intensity range): 2.5 to 6.5 J/cm

Weight : 560g

Flashes: 250,000

Warranty: 2 Year

My Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars




✔ Easy to use

✔ Intelligence Caps for precision on face, body or bikini areas

✔ Skin sensor for safety

✔ Works alongside an app

✔ 100-day money-back guarantee

✔ For Face & Body

✔ Easiest on the legs

✔ Both corded and cordless use

✔ Much cheaper than professional treatment sessions that cost thousands

✔ Cheaper than the average amount spent on hair removal per year

✔ Lowest price is more affordable than other home devices

✔ Powerful & effective

✔ Suitable for dark brown skin


❌ Expensive at full price (See deals here)

❌ Slightly heavy compared to others

❌ Not FDA cleared yet

❌ Not suitable for black skin

❌ Not suitable for red, blonde, or gray hair

what's the best at home laser hair removal

First Thoughts

It looks like a laser gun you’d find in an arcade. (Please don’t go around zapping people with it.)

It surprises me that the instructions say you can wax or epilate before using it. The way IPL and Laser works is by targeting the dark hair follicle, so pulling out the hair shaft isn’t effective.

Don’t continue waxing or epilating. Shave a day or two before treating any areas for optimal results with any laser/IPL.

There are different models to go for, with and without cord and with a different number of attachments, but as long as it’s Prestige and not Advanced, it doesn’t matter if it only has 2 attachments. You only need two, one for large and small areas.

This one’s the World’s First IPL with curved attachments too and the most powerful Home IPL device available.

Why It’s A Winner

what's the best at home laser hair removal

It literally is a winner of beauty awards, and Philips itself is the number one brand in Europe for IPL. The convenience of being able to use with and without a cord is handy too.

It’s one of the most powerful home laser hair removal devices. Even though it’s not as powerful as the Tria Beauty 4x, it’s better because it’s easier to use. Easy to hold and use with its easy to grip handle, and simple 4 step instructions for the best laser hair removal treatment.

The Philips Lumea Prestige is a dermatologist-tested device as a result of 14 years of research.

Make sure it’s Prestige and not Advanced, it looks very similar but the Prestige is faster and comes with a handy little storage pouch.

Studies have shown 92% hair reduction after three treatments when following the treatment schedule, compared to 85% with the Philips Lumea Advanced.


what's the best at home laser hair removal

The Philips IPL app helps you track treatments and set reminders if you’re forgetful too.


Although it isn’t suitable for Fitzpatrick skin type 6, it’s still one of the very few that works for dark skin.

97% of reviewers from the Philips website recommend it. Plus it’s Amazon’s choice of Laser Hair Removal Device in the UK adding to why it’s the best hair removal laser system.

Check out the amazon reviews to see why else it’s the best at home laser removal.



what's the best at home laser hair removal

Who it’s not for?

As with many laser hair removal devices, it’s not suitable for those with very dark skin tones (Fitzpatrick skin type 6), and light blond, gray and red hair.

Silk’n Infinity is the best laser for hair removal for all skin tones, and most hair colors including blonde.


There’s a list of contraindications for medical conditions it’s not suitable for such as pregnancy, diabetics or if you’ve been taking Roaccutane in the last six months.


what's the best at home laser hair removal

Is IPL & Laser better?

Both of them essentially damage the root to disrupt the hair growth which can slow down or stop the hair growth. But it depends on your skin type, hair color, tan, pain threshold, hormones, and a number of other factors if either will work for you.


Skin & Hair Colors

Generally, laser hair removal is least effective on blond, red or gray hair, and is most effective on black or brown hair on lighter skin types (Fitzpatrick skin types 1-4).

This is because the laser targets melanin (dark pigments/colors) in the hair, and dark hair has more melanin than light hair. That’s why some laser hair removal devices can damage very dark skin (Fitzpatrick skin type 6) and don’t work as well on redheads, because many of them have very light blonde hairs on the body.

Philips Lumea is one of the few laser hair removal devices that work on Fitzpatrick type 5.

Silk’n Infinity is the best hair removal system for very dark skin tones. Suitable for all skin tones, and most hair colors including blonde and red.


The Best At Home Laser Hair Removal For Black Skin






what's the best at home laser hair removal


See Amazon Deals on Silk’n Infinity in UK, US & Canada. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇦


No Pain. No Gain.

It’s not like Superman’s laser beam obviously, but it is still painful. About as painful as waxing. Less painful on meaty areas.

I’ve had both Professional Laser Hair Removal Treatments and IPL treatments, both hurt at times just as much as each other really. It hurt more on coarse hair.

But it’s like with waxing, the more you do it, the less it hurts as the hair gets thinner.


Does it work?

It doesn’t work instantly of course, mainly because each individual hair is at a different stage of growth in it’s cycle.

Whilst you might see some permanent hair removal results after a couple of treatments, it could be 6 months to a year for long-lasting results. Then you need to do top up sessions less and less frequently.

Much better than shaving, waxing or epilating forever still.



what's the best at home laser hair removal



At Home Laser Hair Removal Tips

You’ve probably read on reddit or somewhere online that IPL/Laser Hair Removal devices can cause irritation,  that is especially true if used incorrectly. Some pointers I would recommend preventing redness, irritation or ingrown hairs are:

1. Read the instructions carefully before using.

2. Make sure you’ve let your sun tan fade away.

3. Exfoliate your skin the day before your hair removal session.

4. Do not use retinol 24 hours before your session if you’re removing facial hair.

5. If you don’t tolerate pain well, use a numbing cream and a bag of ice before your treatment.

6. Use Aloe Vera Gel after, or SkinCeuticals Phyto + with cooling, soothing botanical extracts of cucumber and thyme to calm down the redness after treatments.

7. Wear Sun Protector after your treatment if you’re exposing the area to sunlight after.

8. Avoid heat treatments, perfumes and deodorants for 24 hours after laser hair removal as your skin may be sensitive.


what's the best at home laser hair removal

Skin Care Beauty Tips: Use a hair inhibitor to slow down hair growth in between treatments too.



what's the best at home laser hair removal

Hairy Mary Final Thoughts

It mainly depends on your pain threshold, skin type and hair color for what’s the best home laser hair removal device for you. But these are the best rated home laser removal devices to get professional results for a fraction of the cost.

I wouldn’t waste your money on buying a NoNo Device from Boots when you have the option of the Philips Lumea Prestige.

Don’t forget for optimal results, it’s best to shave the area a day or 2 before for it to work effectively.

Soon you’ll be fuzz-free and ready for your next beach holiday.




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4 Replies to “What’s The Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Device”

  1. Interesting! I normally wax, but the other day I was thinking how nice it would be to do laser and eventually not have to worry about it! Thanks for not sugar coating it, that it will hurt a little!
    I do have one question on how long does it take on average to do say your armpits or legs using the philips lumea prestige?
    Thank you, have a great day!

    1. Glad you found it interesting! It is convenient having laser done and not have to worry about being fuzzy! You’re welcome. Depending on your skin type, hair colour and hormones, it should take 8 weeks minimum to be completely smooth. Then you’ll require touch up sessions every 4-8 weeks. Hope that helps. Have a lovely day too.

  2. Hi Sammi,

    This post is really awesome! I did not know that laser hair removal is now accessible for home use.

    My wife is an aesthetician, and she uses IPL all the time. She often has clients that disregard her advice, so for example she may tell them not to get any sun exposure for 3 days before coming in for a treatment because it will stress their skin too much.

    Then they come in for their appointment with a sun burn, but still want to get their treatment done.


    This post, and this website is a great source of information for ladies that want to do it themselves. I am very impressed.

    I live in Canada, so my question of course is whether or not home laser hair removal devices are available here ‘over the pond’ yet. If so, which ones would you recommend?

    Thanks once again,


    1. Hi Micheal,

      Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yeah Home Laser Hair Removal has been around for over 10 years now.

      Oh that is annoying! Too much heat certainly isn’t great for the skin.

      I hope people do find it useful.

      Home Laser Devices are avaiable over the pond in Canada.

      Unfortunately the Philips Lumea Prestige isn’t in stock in Canada from what I can see, so I’d recommend the next most powerful home device, the Braun Silk-Expert 5 IPL.

      Works on all the same skin tones as the Prestige, however if you have very dark skin, I’d recommend the Silk’n Infinity.

      Hope that helps.

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