Top 5 Drunk Elephant Skin Care Product Reviews

Drunk Elephant has become one of the world’s most popular skin care lines lately with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Khloe Kardashian among a number of celebrities who use the brand. But is it really worth the hype? In short – yes.

These are the top 5 products that are worth it. Including the order to use them in your skin care routine. (I’ll update if any of the new products launched are worth it too.)

Drunk Elephant Skin care reviews

Drunk Elephant Background

So where did the name Drunk Elephant come from? It’s derived from the urban legend that says elephants love to eat the fermented, fallen fruit from African Marula trees which gets them drunk.

The plant-based, Marula Oil is the hero ingredient in Drunk Elephant skin care products. The highly anti-inflammatory oil, known for it’s high antioxidant count, is naturally soothing, fast-absorbing and suitable for all skin types including reactive and sensitive.

The cruelty-free, Drunk Elephant skincare brand was created by Tiffany Masterson, a Texan stay-at-home mom who aimed to make skin care products that anyone with any skin type could use. I don’t think is possible as there are other factors other than skincare products that affect skin type.

After some research, she came to the conclusion that there are 6 ingredients to avoid, referred to as the “Suspicious 6”. The ingredients that Drunk Elephant vow to avoid in their products are:

  • Essential oils
  • Drying alcohols
  • Silicones
  • Chemical sunscreens
  • Fragrances/dyes
  • SLS

I agree with them all, except essential oils. If used directly on the skin, they can cause damage, but when diluted they can have endless benefits, hence why there’s aromatherapy.

But lets get to the good stuff, SKIN CARE PRODUCTS! Not all the 18 Drunk Elephant’s products are vegan [1] but these are.



Drunk Elephant Skin care reviews

B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum


✔ Lightweight gel-lotion texture

✔ Hydrating Vitamin B5 improves the skin’s natural barrier

✔ Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

✔ Improves skin tone

✔ Improves skin texture

✔ Boosts radiance


❌ If your skin is oily, it may feel slightly sticky

❌ Not effective enough to use as a moisturizer (which some serums are)

Who’s it best for?

Dehydrated or Dry Skin types. Skin that is tight and flaky.

Skin Care Beauty Tips: Great to treat dry skin on face on body. If your skin on your face is flaky, give it a gentle exfoliation before using a serum, concentrating on those nostrils sides and around the ears don’t miss out.


Drunk Elephant Skin care reviews

Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Face Cream


✔ Silky, rich gel-cream texture

✔ Leaves skin feeling soft and fresh

✔ Lightweight cream

✔ Improves skin tone as it brightens the skin

✔ Protein formula help moisturize the skin

✔ Peptides help collagen growth leaving your skin firmer

✔ Improves skin texture


❌ Not hydrating enough for dehydrated skin#

Who’s it best for?

People with first signs of aging and those with uneven skin tone & texture. Good for oily skin or those who prefer a lightweight face cream.


Skin Care Beauty Tips: Mix it with a bit of the B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum for a more hydrating moisturizer.


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Drunk Elephant Skin care reviews

T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum


✔ Glycolic acid helps exfoliate & smooth the skin

✔ Leaves skin with a radiant glow

✔ Unclogs & refines pores

✔ Reduces appearance of scars

✔ Good for hyperpigmentation as it improves skin tone


❌ Dries out skin if used every other day like Drunk Elephant recommends – twice a week I’d advise

❌ Can irritate the skin (like with any Glycolic acid)

Who’s it best for?

Pigmented skin. Dull skin. Oily skin. People with large pores.

Skin Care Beauty Tips: Great to use as a spot treatment, just dot it on.

Drunk Elephant Skin care reviews

Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial


✔ Cooling overnight face mask

✔ F-Balm smooths and softens the skin

✔ Electrolyte blend helps to rehydrate the skin

✔ Helps strengthen the skin’s natural defences

✔ Plumps & firms the skin

✔ Prevents water loss

✔ Vitamin F adds to antioxidant protection

✔ Doesn’t feel thick or sticky

✔ Calms redness

✔ Smells like tutti fruity

✔ Tackles uneven skin tone

✔ Great for dull skin


❌ Struggling to find a con for this one besides it’s not edible if that counts

Who’s it best for?

Dry, dehydrated or aged skin of course. Great for dull skin. Ideal solution for dry skin in the winter.

Skin Care Beauty Tips: Combine with the Award-Winning T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum for a gentle exfoliation whilst you sleep. A great mix for a night treatment to refine pores, hydrate and even skin tone overnight.

Drunk Elephant Skin care reviews

Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol Cream


✔ Smooths out lines and wrinkles

✔ Reduces pores

✔ Gets rid of dead skin

✔ Gives skin a radiant glow

✔ Improves skin tone

✔ Reduces pigmentation

✔ Improves skins firmness & texture


❌ Not suitable for sensitive skin

❌ Not recommended for acne prone skin

❌ Wouldn’t recommend to first time retinol users


Who’s it best for?

Those who have already been introduced to the wonderful world of retinoid before. Dull skin. Sun damaged skin. Pigmentation. Aged skin.

Skin Care Beauty Tips: Always introduce any new retinol creams gradually to your skin care routine. Begin by using twice a week then increase to every other day depending on how much you think your skin can handle. Remember to replace your night cream with retinol when you do use it, don’t use both at the same time.

Drunk Elephant Skin care reviews

Drunk Elephant Final Verdict

Even though Drunk Elephant claim all products are for all skin types, they are not suitable for all skin types. But I rate them for having some amazing products without using the “Suspicious 6” and it’s great that they have raised awareness on some damaging ingredients to avoid in skincare products.

There are better skin products I’d rate more than them though, such as CBD infused products that have proven to be more suitable for most skin types.

Hope that helps anyone who’s thinking of investing in Drunk Elephant skin care products.

As with any new skin care products you try, be sure to check the ingredients if you do have allergies and test patch on a small area of skin before using them regularly.

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  1. I really don’t believe in skincare products but I must say after reading your review I am definitely going to check this out. I really like how detailed you are listing the pros and the cons consistently. Thank you for this love it

    1. You must have amazing skin if you don’t need any skincare products. Glad it’s inspired you to check them out though, thank you very much!

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    This is an excellent review of the Top 5 Drunk Elephant Skin Care products. My girlfriend would love this review and I am pretty sure she would purchase one or two of the skin care products.

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    Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work on your site.

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    1. Thanks Tom, you’re very welcome. Share it with your girlfriend, no doubt she’s heard of them already. Surprising her with some skincare products would definitely cheer her up a bit I’m sure. Hope you’re both well. All the best

  3. Very interesting article and have actually made a note of it, keep up the good work and im sure things will work out good 🙂
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