Coconut Water & Coconut Oil benefits for the Skin

Coconut Oil Benefits for the skin

Raise your hands if you’re COCO LOCO (Coconut Crazy that is). If you’re not already, you will by the time you realize all the Coconut Oil benefits for the skin & the benefits of Coconut Water. The beautiful, natural, solidified oil is one of the healthiest oils you can use with cooking, and when used as a part of your skincare routine.



Coconut Oil Benefits for the skinCoconut Oil Benefits for the Skin

  • Anti-inflammatory – When used in your diet or applied to the skin, it’s great to calm down inflamed acne.
  • Softens skin – Vitamin E in it makes it great for moisturizing dry, hard skin conditions. Good for psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis when used as a cleanser or moisturizer.
  • Anti-aging Antioxidant – Protects the skin from oxidative stress that causes skin damage and premature aging such as wrinkles.
  • Soothes & relieves skin – Tones down redness, puffiness and itchiness from skin rashes.
  • Protects skin – Antibacterial properties help protect against harmful microorganisms, helping skin infections such as cellulitis and athlete’s foot, caused by bacteria or fungi.
  • Healthy glow – When the right amount is used, it makes you skin look radiant. Too much will make you look too shiny. Use as a cleanser to give it a radiant, healthy glow.
  • Heal wounds – Improves tissue growth by supporting its healing process
  • Lightens skin and evens skin tone – Massage into your skin at night for one minute at least, then rinse off in morning and repeat until skin tone is even or lightened.


Coconut Oil Benefits for the skin

Skin Care Beauty tips for using Coconut Oil

  1. Take a small amount in your hands before rubbing your hands together to melt it, if it’s not already liquified, and apply it on to the desired area to get an even distribution.
  2. Don’t use too much as it’s usually solidified before you use it, once it melts it will spread, so you only need a bit.
  3. Be careful not to get it on your clothes. Don’t worry if you do, it does wash out after a good soak and using the hottest washer setting.
  4. Buy one with a wide jar opening so it’s quicker to just scoop out rather than heating up the bottle/jar.
  5. Don’t forget to smell just how fabulously exotic it is.


Coconut Oil Uses

Coconut Oil Benefits for the Skin
Introduce to dog’s diet in small amounts like with any new food, gradually added more over time to prevent sickness.


So now we know why it’s healthy for us, here are some ways you can use it.

Coconut Oil Uses:

  • Dog Moisturizer – Perfect to moisturise your furry friend’s paws, nose & skin as well help their hair grow back from itching (plus they’ll love a lick of it).
  • Cleansing Oil – Massage it into your skin then rinse off with warm water for a moisturizing, radiant cleanse.
  • Make-up Remover – A natural, gentle make up remover without chemicals that even remove waterproof mascara.
  • Face & Body Moisturizer – Can be used on any areas of the skin.
  • Cooking Oil – One of the healthiest oils for cooking and baking with.
  • Hair Conditioner – A natural conditioner that helps strengthen the hair shaft and prevents breakage
  • Hair Growth Remedy – Stimulates hair growth, helping your hair grow faster, thicker and longer.
  • Massage Oil – Great to use as a massage medium.
  • Lip Balm – Apply a pea sized amount on the lips to keep them moisturized.
  • Sunburn – Use it as cleanser for sun burn before applying Aloe Vera to soothe the skin.
  • Scar Preventer – Can be applied on open wounds then bandaged over to prevent scarring.
  • Weight Loss – Fuels metabolism as moderate amounts in your diet can help you get rid of some unnecessary fats.
  • Exfoliation – Add an equal amount of sugar to it to use it a moisterising face or body scrub.
  • Oil Pulling – Put a tablespoon in your mouth and swish around for 20 minutes to draw out toxins & improve oral health.
  • Teeth Whitening – Mix with a bit of baking soda to create your own whitening toothpaste.
  • Cream – Add & blend with other creams to make your own creams.
  • Shaving Medium – Great to use as a shaving oil to leave your skin softer.


Please note: Depending on your skin condition and skin type, Coconut Oil may not be suitable for you. Always test patch skincare products on a small area of skin before using it regularly.






Which is the best Coconut Oil to buy?

Be careful of some that will say “100% pure” but then once you buy it, you realise it doesn’t even smell like coconuts. The best to buy are the Organic Virgin coconut oils as they’re the most unrefined. Refined Coconut Oil is made from dried Coconut fruit making it lose that magnificent, exotic scent.

I have a few different Coconut Oils (2 of them are just for my puppy, the one in the picture is from Portugal), but this is the one I would recommend.


Nature's Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - 32 oz (896 g)

Nature’s Way Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – 32 oz (896 g)


✔ Organic & Cold-pressed from fresh, organic coconuts giving that amazing aroma and flavor for cooking.

✔ Contains no trans or hydrogenated fats

✔ Pure and unrefined

✔ Decent size jar with a broad opening

Brilliant to use for eczema as a moisturizer, or as a facial cleanser for a nice, moisturizing, anti-bacterial cleanse. A good all-rounder, great for hair, skin and cooking. A good amount that should last you a while if you’re furry friend doesn’t get to it first.




Coconut Oil Benefits for the skin

Like people, Coconuts come in all different shapes and sizes. The color of them are a good indication of ripeness. They can be orange, yellow or green before turning brown as the exotic fruit matures. Immature coconuts are usually filled with Coconut Water which has similar benefits for the skin and body as Coconut Oil does when consumed.

Coconut Water Benefits:

  • Healthier than other fruit juices as it has no added sugar
  • Great to rehydrate with and can help headaches, making it a great hangover remedy.
  • Good for high blood pressure supporting heart health.
  • Helps to dissolve kidney stones and protect the body against bladder infections.
  • Good source of Vitamins and Minerals including Potassium, Sodium, Vitamin C & B Vitamin.
  • Healthy, low calorie drink making it great for Diabetes.
  • Aids in digestion as it’s a good source of fiber.
  • Boosts energy making it the ideal natural sports drink.





In a CocoNut Shell

Coconut Oil Benefits for the skin

Whether you eat the white, fresh coconut flesh, drink the natural, sweet water or use the fabulous oil on your skin, it’s amazing for your body inside out. Soon you’ll be on holiday, enjoying it straight from the shell!

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Now raise your hand if you’re Coco Loco!

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20 Replies to “Coconut Water & Coconut Oil benefits for the Skin”

  1. Ok, I am a great grandfather, who never before thought one bit about lotion. Now as I am pushing past seventy, I have noticed my skin stays dry.    Your review really has gotten me thinking about the benefits of Coconut Oil. Goodness knows I could use the skin-softening. I am curious about not getting it on your clothes, does it stain? If you do get it on your clothes, what is the best way to get to clean your clothes?

    1. Thanks for reminding to add how to wash it out on the article. It can stain but easily washes out really. I would definitely recommend using it for skin softening, along with a dry skin brush to help soften your skin. 

  2. I love how you tell about the benefits of coconut oil and water I have tried the water and it actually taste good you have given me the inspiration to try the oil I do like the benefits that it does for the skin to help the skin to stay healthy it is very well written and a great lay out

    1. You’re very welcome, glad you’re inspired. Definitely one to use if you like the taste of coconut water. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Wow I had no idea that coconut oil had so many benefits and that you could use it so many ways. I get very dry skin in the winter so I will try this out later on and see how it goes.

    Out of all the methods you have discussed here, which ones have you tried and liked the most?

    1. There are probably even more benefits and uses too. Extra moisturizing in the winter is needed!

      Haha I have tried pretty much all of them, except using it as a sunburn treatment as I don’t get sunburn but the one I like the most is probably using it for oil pulling as it leaves you with a real taste of coconuts.

      I use it at least twice a day on my dog which has helped her hair grow back and keeps her nose moisturized too.

  4. You’re telling the truth about coconut oil. I pretty much use it every day in my hair and on my face. I love how soft and manageable it makes my hair and skin. I also use it for cooking. I love coconut oil as a topical treatment as I do not prefer it in its original form. Thanks for all the helpful information. I bookmark this site for when I need to replenish my supply.

  5. Defininitely I am coco loco. You have done great job of talking about the benefits of coconut oil.  I have read quite a bit of information about coconut oil’s benefit for demential and Alzheimer’s.  My mother has both and when I started giving her coconut oil everyday, I could see a real difference in her ability to process. She was much more focused and didn’t seem to have the fuzzy thinking like she did before. So, I am a huge supporter of coconut oil. From what I have read, the coconut oil provides essential nutrients that the brain needs for processing – ketones.  I got this from a book called Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was a Cure?: The Story of Ketones. If you get a chance, look at that book. After seeing the change in her, I began taking coconut oil myself internally every day.  I am not sure whether it has been of a benefit to my brain – but from everything I have read about it, there is no way it can hurt.  Thanks for sharing the many benefits of coconut oil. I think I will go give some to my dog right now. 

    1. Haha thank you kindly Janice. Wow, that’s amazing it helped your mum with Alzheimers too. Thank you for the book recommendation, definitely have to check that out. Definitely no harm taking your daily dose of Coconut Oil. I’m sure your dog will love it. Make sure you introduce it in very small amounts to your dog’s diet, gradually like with any dog food of course. Thank you very much for your comment. Stay well!

  6. Ever since I’ve was a kid, my mom will always buy me coconut oil and add to my body cream and from then till now, I’ve not stopped buy in every month cause the effect on my skin is awesome as it leaves it shinny even when I don’t apply it for days.

    I love using it and for me, it’s great!

  7. Thanks for sharing an awesome skin health article. Coconut oil contains vitamin E, but no fiber and little to no other vitamins or minerals. Coconut oil is almost 100% fat, most of which is saturated fat. However, the structure of fat in coconut oil differs from that of many animal products, which mainly consist of long-chain fatty acids.having known this, I basically used and recommend  it to friends and family. 


    1. You’re very welcome. I mentioned it contains Vitamin E, Coconut Water is the one that has fiber, vitamins and mineral. It is indeed a saturated fat. Glad you’re using it and recommending it.

  8. Great post! I had no idea you could use coconut oil in so many ways, definitely some new things I will be trying with it

  9. Great post, I heard somewhere that coconut oil is bad for your skin. I guess that’s a myth? Also is there much difference in quality of coconut oil depending on where you get it? I would have thought that the quality wouldn’t vary much

    1. It depends on your skin conditions, skin type and how you use it, if it’s bad for your skin. Use it correctly, and it should be fine if you’ve exfoliated your skin and not using too much. The quality can vary, that’s why I recommend one that’s unrefined and organic virgin coconut oil as mentioned. Hope that helps.

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